“No matter what you do, there will be critics.”

Don’t be afraid to pursue your own dreams based on what others say when you share your idea. Use criticism to strengthen your resolve and refine your goals.

If you are brave enough to share your vision with others you might hear some popular and expected responses. Of all the moms that I have met and interviewed each one has had their critics. Statements such as, “it has already been done”, “how will you find the time” or “what happens if you fail?” Instead of allowing any doubts to stop your pursuit, use the criticism to refine your focus.

This week I interviewed two inspirational moms who own their own businesses (look for those interviews in August). One of the businesses is called Mani Pedi Cutie in Hermosa Beach. The place is darling and the owner, mother of two, Ally Conley heard every objection in the book before she courageously signed her lease and got to work building her dream. She made her spa different and special in so many ways, you really have to see it to understand.< Nonetheless, she had a hard time finding a lease because she couldn’t find a landlord to believe in her concept.  Her critics didn’t stop her, instead they forced her to refine her business plan and strengthen her pursuit of the perfect location.

Another inspiring businesswoman who defied the critics is Erin Condren. Erin started with personalized note cards and created an amazing product line from there. Her calendar is my godsend. If Erin was deterred by the fear of failure or the idea that stationery already exists she wouldn’t be living her dream. She created a line of products that is interesting, unique and practical. www.erincondren.com

When you read Erin and Ally’s stories next month be inspired to pursue your own dreams.Criticism has it’s place, but too often I hear of friends who change their plan based on one or two comments that aren’t in favor of their idea.

Another positive point about the critics: they make you appreciate your supporters even more. I surround myself with individuals who want me succeed as much as I want myself to succeed.

I challenge you to share a personal dream or goal with someone close to you. Saying it out loud creates a certain level of commitment. Another thought before I stop…if someone has a goal or dream that they share with you, try to provide some positive support. Everyone needs a little encouragement to get started on the path to fulfillment.

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