A mom who isn’t afraid of anything!

Mani Pedi Cutie in Hermosa Beach is one of those places you have to visit in order to appreciate. When I walked in, I was both impressed and curious. At first I thought MPC was just a gorgeous salon. Then, I noticed an area designed with young girls in mind and learned that the salon uses non-toxic beauty products. When I heard the proprietor was I mom of two kids, I knew that I had to interview her for my website.

Fearless, intelligent, determined are just a few adjectives that I would use to describe Ally Conley, the owner of Mani Pedi Cutie. With two children ages 3 and 6 she created an upscale nail salon that is both eco-friendly and child friendly. When you read her story, you will understand why I chose the adjectives above to describe her.

The concept of an eco-friendly, child friendly salon came to Ally when she had her first child. After being home for three months with her first child, the fog of motherhood lifted and she discovered she needed a pedicure for an event that her husband wanted her to attend. She had no babysitters in her rolodex (being a first time mom) and no family in the immediate vicinity. The idea of taking a 3-month old baby to a salon with the overwhelming odor of polish, acrylic and acetone didn’t seem like a great idea. That’s when the idea of a family friendly spa first came to her.

Six years later, Ally has taken her idea from concept to reality. When Ally and I sat down to talk I got an in-depth glimpse of what she went through to create her spa oasis. I wish there was time and space to share the entire story. The highlights of her journey from start to finish included writing a comprehensive business plan, obtaining financing, finding a location, gutting and rebuilding the location, hiring employees and finally, opening the doors! Her biggest challenge was creating a business dwelling that met the rigid standards of city planners. This also added tens of thousands onto her initial planned budget.

Imagine the disappointment that Ally felt on the day that she learned she would have to completely rebuild her restrooms. Just when she thought she had accounted for every unseen expense, another one would pop up. Ally didn’t let any of these obstacles deter her. She has a mantra that she repeats to herself, “ You have to jump into the deep end if you want to find the treasure.” She persevered and has created a spa where mothers and daughters can enjoy spa services together.

Ally was very honest with me. She said there are days when she feels like the sacrifices she and her family have made were greater than she expected. And, there are days when the rewards of following through with her goal exceed the sacrifice.

Grab your girlfriends, daughters and nieces and visit Mani Pedi Cutie to show your support for the incredible effort of this inspired mom. I guarantee, you will want to tell your friends about it too!  The phone number for appointments: 310-376-9988 or visit: www.manipedicutie.com

PS A great website that Ally wanted to share with all aspiring small business owners: www.sba.org

8 thoughts on “A mom who isn’t afraid of anything!

  1. I remember the day Ally told me about her dream to build MPC, 6 years ago. She was as passionate about it then as she is now. I am so happy that she was able to follow her dream and build such a warm and friend place. Besides getting the best mani-pedi in town, you’ll experience an atmosphere that is relaxing and Zen-like. I encourage everyone to take the time to experience it, moms, dads and the kids. Oh yeah, an added plus, she has a room available for breast feeding. So, there no excuse! Go!

  2. I had my 6 and 3 year old girls birthday party at Mani Pedi Cutie and it was amazing. Ally was so great and all the girls had the best time. I highly recommend this salon to all moms and daughters :-)

  3. Kristin,
    Thanks for sharing the story. I just noticed MPC the other night when we had dinner across the street but did not know anything about it. Now I will definatley have to visit. I know my daughter would love to go too!

  4. Kristin,
    What a great story! I love women that venture out of their comfort zone and are
    courageous! Congratulations Ally! I’m sure she feels overwhelmed at times but fear not for she is now an accomplished business owner. I have been eyeing MPC for a few days as I have gone down to the beach and wondered who’s new business that was and what a creative name. I wish you, Ally, a lot of success and a satisfying time as you pour your life into MPC. Your kids will follow and will silently watch how ‘mommy’ is someone to be proud of.

  5. Great story! It is always great to read about women (especially busy Moms!) who follow their dreams! Starting (and RUNNING!) your own business is HARD and takes perseverence. Looking at the sad state of my toes, I think I’ll need to make a stop into MPC….

    jen :)

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  7. Hi AllyNo malice here. Just cut your losess.What you’ve endured is part of the social moral degradation of Singapore society. Just be more street smart and don’t ever believe in people doing business and those that make money from commissions.Beware of salons, there is one who sells services for hair loss treatment, using European Herbs, who sells you a package, and halfway through the treatment, tries to sell you another package and claims that it’s more effective, before you even finish half of the paid sessions. It’s that unethical now. Gone are the days of morality in Singapore, it’s making money first, morals cast to the dogs.So, just cut your losess, treat being doped as a taught lesson, though expensive. And move on.

  8. Bones – I wandered in from your comnmet/link at Smash’s site. Great cartoons, this one made me laugh out loud.I’m sure that anyone listening to my phone calls would be bored to tears as well. *grin* Seriously, I have no expectation that my phone number is mine – it clearly belongs to the phone company – just watch what would happen if I failed to pay the bill!

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