Don’t forget the Chia Pet?

There are days when I get cold feet over developing the online baby book that I have been dreaming about. Thus far, I have invested time, money and taken on some partners in the deal.  I have a writer editing the book, an artist illustrating it and a graphic designer creating a logo.  I have signed a contract with Dice Media for site design and programming.  I don’t just have a toe in the water….I dog-paddling in the deep end!

When I start doubting myself and get close to quitting I get some sort of sign to forge ahead.  The other day I randomly started singing the theme song for the Chia Pet which started me thinking about a few products that have had amazing success with nothing more than a simple (sometimes crazy) idea: one example the Chia Pet.  What was that thing?  I remember commercials for these creatures, piles of them for sale at Sav-On pharmacy and I even received one at an office gift exchange.  Another example: the Sham-Wow. The amazing towel that cleans up everything. I came close to ordering one, going so far as to dial the number. Other silly/successful products I have seen:  the clapper, baby on board sign and the “life is good” t-shirt- to name a few.

I have heard from several of my readers who want to start their own small business. Fear is a very powerful deterrent and doubt can be a deal-breaker too.  When you have moments of fear or doubt, think about that silly Chia Pet and stay inspired.


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