Dishes, exercise, laundry, cooking then blogging.

The last two weeks I have questioned if I have what it takes to keep The Inspired Mom interesting, growing and inspiring.  This past month I have been focusing on daily survival vs. the bigger picture.  Feeling overwhelmed and short on time to dedicate to my site, I started to wonder if anyone cared what I had to say.  When I asked that question out loud my two year old and my cat were the only ones around.  I asked them,”Do you think anyone really cares about my blog?”  I do believe that speaking the words gets a better response than just thinking them (even if you are in the room alone).

While I didn’t get response from Cade or Roxy (the cat), I did get a phone call the next morning from one of my good friends who told me that she overheard someone else talking about my blog.  She thought I would be interested to hear that my story about Bryn helped another mother put the setbacks she is having into a different perspective.  I was amazed that someone answered my question.  Even though I have received some really great feedback on the site, there are lulls in feedback and the question creeps back into my head.

I am not fishing for comments from my readers.  I want to share that even someone who might seem energetic, motivated and fearless has moments of insecurity and self doubt.   And, I really do think I am accomplishing something important on this blog.  I am fulfilling my own dreams.  I am reaching out to other women in the community.  I am supporting them by sharing their stories.  I am reading more and learning more about how women get motivated and turn words into action.  I might not have done those things if I hadn’t started this blog. 

So, even at times when I find it difficult to sit down and type- I am going to make time.  And, as much as I a need support from my readers, I need to remember that I, myself, am evolving as a result my blog too.  Sometimes the journey is more important than the outcome.  Many of you have embarked on your own journey.  If you get discouraged or sidetracked- know that you are not alone.  If you need encouragement, start asking for it.  Chances are, you will get the feedback you need in the most unexpected way.

4 thoughts on “Dishes, exercise, laundry, cooking then blogging.

  1. Hi Kristin! I LOVE getting your inspiring newsletters. What you are doing is wondeful and please know that it is well appreciated. Shan

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