Hopefully our neighbors won’t call the police.

Last night my husband and I started our christmas shopping.  My kids gave us their initial Christmas list (which will grow threefold by the time Christmas actually rolls around).  At the top of each boys list was a drum set. They were probably thinking the sound of the drums would drown out my nagging voice.  

My boys do love music.  My youngest son, Cade, has been using a Tinker Toy lid and 2 wood Tinker Toys as his drum set for about 6 months.  And he loves to get his older brothers together to play rock band.  So, Brad and I headed off to Toys R Us in search of drums.

Initially, my husband pulled a small wood drum from the shelf, threw it in the cart and started to move on. “HOLD IT!” I exclaimed, what about the other 2 boys.  “They can all share that drum, right?” he responded. We perused the drums, with Brad trying to get me to buy something small and sensible.  Then, I came to a gorgeous blue 5-piece drum set.  It was on sale too.  Obviously, no parent in their right mind buys a 5-piece drum set for a house full of 3 boys.  Well, I have to say, I must be a great sales lady, because somehow I convinced my husband that we had to buy this drum set: symbols, special seat and all.

Here’s why I told my husband that we absolutely have to go big on the drums.  All of my life I have done what is expected of me.  I have lived within fairly cautious boundries and I find it difficult to operate outside of my comfort zone.  Turns out I married a man who is just like me- and the result of our conservative personalities is that we have created 3 boys who are kinda like us.  I don’t really consider any of our kids adventuresome.  They hesitate to try anything new and are somewhat paralyzed in any situation that is unfamiliar.

You may think that DRUMS have nothing to do with my ranting above, but for me they do.  I want my kids to be surprised for once.  Last year they asked for a piano and we bought them a $20 dollar keyboard which sits in the closet.  This year, we could have bought them the electric drums that are no bigger than my computer- but they will lose interest I’m sure.  For me, going a little overboard is so out of character (unless I am exercising) but I want to try out that side of myself every now and then.  Letting my boys bang those drums a couple hours a day is definitely going to send me out of my comfort zone.  I wonder how I will survive?

The drums are as much a test for me as a gift for the boys.  I have spent the last seven years limiting my children’s exploration to what was interesting and comfortable to me.  As hard as it is to play make-believe and make a mess out of the finger paints I am learning that these are ways we teach our kids to embrace life and develop passions.  As long as our neighbors don’t call the police to complain about the noise, it should be fun times at the Coons home this Christmas.

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  2. kristin!
    how funny and what a nice mommy to expand yours and your sons horizons!! we too have a shiny red drum set, that my parents bought gavin. they are in the garage/playroom…they are the first thing kids go to when they are here. and i know for sure our neighbors can hear them, and they’ve never complained. you could always put your set in the downstairs room near the garage. that way everyone has silence…except for the drummers who will LOVE it!!! happy thanksgiving, hope to see you in class this week. xo nicole

  3. how cute are you? i love that you are venturing out gettin those darn drums. pound away, boys!!! they will absolutely love them. and you will love the “new” boundary you have given them!!! love, karen

  4. You are AWESOME! I LOVE it and I can’t wait to bring the boys over for a play date! xo, wendy

  5. Kristin, when I ran into you this morning at the park, I had mentioned that I received your email last night but I don’t think I said that I hadn’t opened it yet. Bc if I did, we would have stood there much longer chatting about exactly this. I just now read this column and I am delighted! You articulated it in a way that sounds much better than what I (and my husband) have labeled myself for many years – “lived within fairly cautious boundries and I find it difficult to operate outside of my comfort zone” and “going a little overboard is so out of character”. This is SO me and it feels great to know that someone that I admire has very similar ‘challenges’ that you want to try and explore and experiment with ;) Glad to hear about the drums. I’ll let you know what my own outcome is for Madison & Brendan’s gift request this year. Happy Thanksgiving, Jules

  6. I appreciate how honest you always are on your blog – and I love that you bought the drums for the boys. I think many of us tred on the “safe side”… thank you for inspiring us all to move outside of our comfort zone. The Jonas Brothers may have some competition soon… from the Coons Kids!

  7. You guys are all so supportive of my decision to buy drums. I hope you are supportive when I start complaining come March (ha-ha). I love this time of year!!! xo Kristin

  8. I have a feeling when you hear those drums, they are going to give you a big old smile!! Well, at least for the first week!! I can totally relate to the comfort zone! I think it’s awesome!

  9. Kristin
    You have a lovely family the boys are sooo cute. Good luck with the drums we have a small (sound proof) studio in the garage where my kids love to bang and play music with friends I think its good for them” Music of any kind ” Dancing too
    Thanks for the ideas I plan to read more and share with friends
    ox Kristy Enos

  10. Kristin, your articles are a pleasure to read because you really bare your soul out to the reader. I think that’s pretty gutsy and a total leap of faith in stepping out of your comfort zone. Thanks for your humor and your honesty. Keep up the great work! I’m sure you’re inspiring more people than you realize.

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