Are you inundated with Christmas catalogs? Just throw them in the recycle bin!

I have to say I am a bit overloaded with ads and catalogs this holiday season.  It looks like retailers REALLY want me to buy another flat screen for $999.99.   Considering most of us are too busy to sort through all of these catalogs to find something sort of cool, I want to share a link to a gift that I received and absolutely love.  Take a look at Naturally Knotty totes and clutches.  

I was introduced to this brand when one of my stylish girlfriends gifted me with this water proof, sand proof, spill proof (because it’s laminated)  tote.  The very next morning, I tossed my workout gear in and headed out to teach my spin class.  I was given the bag with four pockets (pictured above) which came in  handy for my keys and a water bottle and my bike shoes with clips didn’t scratch or tear the interior.  Afterwards, I threw my sweaty towel along with a half open water bottle  into the bag and when I came home to realize that the water had spilled, I just dumped out the contents and dried it. No damage to the bag and my life got just a little bit easier.   Now here is the story on how these bags came to life:

Naturally Knotty founder and designer, Jasmine Fullman, took inspiration to start the company from her years living in Shanghai.  In 2007 Jasmine started designing handbags as a creative outlet for herself, her friends and her family.  She named her company Naturally Knotty because it combines her nature friendly business goals with the values symbolized in knots: goodwill, friendship, peace, prosperity and happiness.  

Her first big hit was the signature Knotty Tote- made from gorgeous silk fabric scraps and covered in plastic made from recycled soda pop bottles.  These bags were designed for any purpose and effortless care.  Next, she designed the Market Tote with special attention to the pocket design and hand tied knots on each bag.  The Simply Knotty’s are simple silk totes in a variety sizes.

Naturally Knotty utilizes as much silk and other fabric remnants as possible in production and focuses on quality first- to ensure a lifetime of use.  The “Scrappy Clutch” is made from 100% silk remnants bought by the ton and converted into beautiful bags.

What started as a creative outlet has grown into a successful business.  Jasmine’s company now sells to over 100 retailers in North America and has sales representatives across the United States.  Jasmine has said that she hopes her success will inspire mom entrepreneurs everywhere:  “I am living proof that no dream is too big”.   I love hearing another mom say those words because I have some pretty big dreams myself.  Each day I force myself to take a small step towards one of my goals and I feel more fulfilled with my life than I ever have before. 

You can purchase these bags at a discount by clicking on the following link:  Naturally Knotty at a discount.  And enter this code on the bottom left of the site under the tree that says KU Code: PIKYTUAPHJVZBH

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