Do you want this bag? I’m giving it away!

 To show my appreciation to all of you wonderful readers, I am giving away a Naturally Knotty reversible tote.  All you have to do is post a comment below.  Tell me what is on your wish list for the holidays.  Comments can be short, long, serious, funny or outlandish.  I will take all entrants names and choose a winner using  For every 40 entrants, I will give away 1 bag.  So, if I have 41-80 entrants, I will give away 2 and over 80 I will give away 3.  If we get over 120 comments I will limit the give-away to 4 bags.  Each reader can only post once.  The drawing will be held at 12noon Pacific Standard Time on December 14th I want to get you the bag before Christmas…even if you don’t celebrate Christmas.  The winner will be notified via email- so be sure to include your email address.  I will post the winners on the site too.  Feel free to forward the site so your friends and family can enter to win too.  Also, I am ordering a variety of bags to give away so you might not get the exact one shown above (don’t you love the element of surprise?).  Thanks again for reading my blog.  Your support is such a gift to me!  P.S.  If you don’t win, you can buy yourself one of these beauties at:  If you scroll to the bottom left, you can enter a KU code that gets you discounted pricing: PIKYTUAPHJVZBH

22 thoughts on “Do you want this bag? I’m giving it away!

  1. Ok, so I am obsessed with your site and personally I aspire to have a great idea like you do and to see it to fruition! I have millions of ideas and never seem to get going with any of them. When you say you don’t know if it matters to anyone else, you can think again, it matters to ME!
    As for one of the things that I want most for Christmas…it is for someone else (i.e. my sweet husband….) to make me a candlelight dinner…..where everything is taken care of… shopping, cooking, romance, music, lighting (ok…maybe not ALL of that is needed) and then, of course, and maybe most importantly, cleaning up the whole thing! Meals are something we, as moms, do three times a day and I would like to be sitting on the couch for once. xo

  2. Well, if Shannon says you and your website are the best then you must be. I look forward to being “inspired” too. ;). Ingrid

  3. Well, the gift I want this year is different than year’s past. This year I want to get thru chemo and radiation and become cancer free. Most of all, I want to change my life….to appreciate the little things…like a warm shower or a note from a friend. I’m a bit saddened that the holidays are all about presents, especially since we live in an affluent town. So, my wish is to go back to simpler days and times!

    p.s. I love that bag! it would make a great chemo bag…to hold snacks, my phone, water, etc.

  4. I want the economy to become more stable and hope for a bright future as Americans.Love the Website!

  5. As a working mother, I especially love your website because it both inspires me and also reminds me what is truly important. Your comments and articles also celebrate creative, dynamic, hardworking and talented women… which is great!! My wish for Christmas is for peace on earth and on a personal level, that I find the time to get my family’s scrapbooks up to date before another year passes by …. keep up the great work with the website!!

  6. I LOVE your blog, Shannon M. shared the link with me & I have posted it a couple of times on my facebook. As a mom to two active boys & one interested in starting a small business, this is the perfect read & inspiration! Thanks so much!!!

  7. Your bags are darling. As for Christmas, I really don’t need or want anything. Honestly, just to have an enjoyable holiday would be great for me. My focus is on recreating the Christmas magic for my 3 year old, that I remember from my childhood. The great part for all of us moms is having the opportunity relive them through our children. Merry Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or wherever you find joy this holiday season!

  8. My Christmas wish is to have many more Christmases to be with my family and friends. I am thankful for all I have and just wish to start 2009 healthy, happy and thankful. I love you Kristin and your wonderfully inspired web site. You help us all remember what is really important in life!

  9. I wish the same thing on the first star, falling stars, birthday candles, wishing wells, you name it. At the bottom of it all, it’s all that really matters and I wish it especially for everyone I care about at Christmas (including me!): Health, happiness, love and laughter.

    Stay inspired!

  10. I feel so blessed for all that I have in my life. I wish for all to be healthy and happy and have a wonderful holiday.

  11. My wish for the season is to be able to ENJOY it without fuss and frenzy!!! My kids are growing too fast and it is too easy to forget why we love Christmas so much. I want to inspire my kids to love the traditions that not only our parents have brought us up on but also the new ones our family has created so they can pass them onto their families. Thanks Shan for passing on!!!

  12. Christmas is so fun with kids. I just love seeing them excited. That’s all I need! :)

  13. First of all, I love reading this each month! For my wish list, I think I would love to sleep in one morning, hear the sounds of my children playing in the other room, and a big steaming cup latte! And perhaps a little bling in the sugar jar!!! But seriously, I wish for us all to have a few moments to appreciate the holidays and our family- we all know it goes by too fast and things and moments get lost.
    Happy holidays!

  14. Kristin, your monthly stories and readers’ comments keep me inspired while working to reach my own social, recreational, cultural and spiritual goals. Last year I attempted to make my family more eco-friendly and when you commented about the ridiculous number of catalogs you have been receiving I wanted to pass along a little tip (or should I say this is my Christmas wish)…there are websites like or click on the “privacy” link found on most company websites to help “stop” the waste!
    Enjoy this festive season!

  15. I don’t have kids now, but my husband and I are working on it. My friend Athena turned me on to this website and I think its wonderful. I feel any advice is good advice and I’m going to need all the advice I need. My Christmas wish this year is that those who are struggling with this economy are taken care of and find new hope in places they never saw it before.

  16. I love your website, Kris! This year I would love to receive something handmade from each of my children (a card, little art project, anything their sweet hands and minds create), and a handwritten card from my husband…..and a stainless toaster! :)

  17. I want my friend Shan Mataczynski to win this bag. She is the best friend and is always looking out for those she loves. She turned me on to your web page and it quickly became my fav!!!! I love her! Pick her to win the Knotty bag!

  18. I just sat down to post about how much I love your site, and lo and behold, my oldest son just cam downstairs crying that his ear hurts. A mother’s work is never done and there are very few times during the day when there is an actual break. Though I have yet to have an ispired idea and follow it thru, you do inspire me to be the best mom that I can. Thank you for your tips and words of wisdom. Thank you most of all for the sense of humor you bring to your blog.

  19. My husband and I are not exchanging gifts for one another this year, and are only focusing on our two wonderful children. We are taking a trip over Christmas to Colorado for some relaxation and pure “family time.” For Christmas, I would like for my husband to step away from this volatile financial world we are in right now, and see him unstressed and worry-free, if only for 6 days.
    As for goals in 2009? There are many I have made for myself, some small but very significant to me. Organizing our home office is my goal for January. I will fill you in on more personal goals at the top of the New Year! I love what you are doing Kristin. Great job!

  20. I love the feeling of Christmas… I love that there is snow outside and I am warm inside. My Christmas wish is that I can get through all of my year end work and get the cards out and the shopping done SOON so that I can enjoy my family and play games, and relax together. My favorite is to do a puzzle together by the fire.

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