Stay on the path.

I guess I thought allowing my kids to “live a little” would be easier for me.  The other day we went to the park.  My kids hopped out of the car and took off running towards the play structure.  Out of nowhere, I yelled, “Hey guys, stay on the path!”  My husband was there to remind me:  “We agreed to let the boys live a little.  Besides, they’re really not hurting anyone in the process of running through the shrubs and dirt.”  Thank goodness he was there, or I might have made the boys get back on the path.

The only explanation I have for my behavior is that I have been “hard-core” parenting for the last six or seven years.  It is difficult for me to back off and let my kids just be…without constant coaching.  I wonder if I am the only mom who has a hard time with NOT controlling every situation.   

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  1. I wanted to post a story about a girl I work with who just lost her son to suicide last week. Her name is Julie and she found his body. Please everyone out there pray for her. Her son’s funeral is at 12 noon on Monday Dec. 15, 2008. She needs mom’s to pray for her, her son and their family. I just cant imagine what she must be going through. This story about staying on the “path”…not doing anything too dangerous made me think. Julie is a mom, her son 21 years old, no depression issues, not on drugs, nothing going on in his life that she “knew” about to cause him to want to take his own life. Now she has to live with every memory good or bad. I will hold my children extra tight when I hug them tonight and vow not to let a day go by without me telling them they are loved, they are worthy, they are special, they deserve happiness, they are my precious little miracles. I am grateful and feel horrible for Julie…..I cant even imagine her suffering. I am sure we all can agree. I have more contact info, address, phone etc…if anyone should like to reach out to her. I know she would appreciate our thoughts & prayers right now. Thank you moms out there!

  2. Shannon- I am so sorry to hear about your friends loss. Will you drop me an address so I can write her a note (email it to Kristin@theinspiredmom). Like you say, it is hard to imagine how much she must be suffering. I would like to send her a short note letting her know that there are people who are thinking about her at this difficult time. Warmly, Kristin

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