Goals for 2009

Just start thinking about what you would like to do in 2009.  Post your comment below and we can all support one another.  I have a few things I would like to do:

1- Release my online babybook- my readers will be the first to preview this labor of love that I have worked on for almost 2 years.

2- Run a half marathon- possibly the LA Marathon…need to figure that out.

3- Increase the reach of this website- so we can support other moms, both near and far.  I will let you know when I get over 2,000 in any given month.  I want to be a resource for moms who need support on anything ranging from fitness and family to business and relationships.  If you have a question about how to get something started, ask me and we can find answers together.  If we grow as a community, we will be able to help one another on a wider range of topics. 

4- The last goal I have for 2009, which cannot be measured, is absolutely enjoying my three boys as much as possible.  I can’t believe how quickly they are growing up.  The picture was taken a couple of nights ago before my youngest son’s Christmas program.

11 thoughts on “Goals for 2009

  1. 1. My first goal is to draw and paint at least once a week.
    2. My second goal is to win a league tennis match.
    3. My third goal is to live in the moment as much as I can.

    Thanks for motivating me to think about this!


  2. Kristin,
    I love the recommendations for books, songs, and recipes in addition to the inspiration! Keep it coming. You’re building a community.

  3. Here are a few of my goals for 2009:

    1. Complete an International length Triathlon
    2. Cherish the amazing, amazing, amazing friends I have.
    3. Play with my girls daily instead of obsessively cleaning up after them….
    4. Finally, work hard to slow down and breathe … just a little – hee hee!

    ps…winning one stinking league match would also be a plus!

    Thanks Kristin – cant wait to see other goals for the new year!

  4. By biggest goals for 2009 are:

    1. To successfully complete a painting project on which I am working- and be truly happy with the end result.
    2. To keep things SIMPLE in life…..and appreciate the simplicity through and through.
    3. To begin yoga, even though it feels slow to me for a workout. I know that time of reflection and breath would be wonderful for my fast-moving, fast-talking self!

  5. There are so many things running around in my head that I am sure if I did this on a different day, my list would be different.

    1. Simplify My Life and Live in the Moment, DO NOT worry about what hasn’t happened yet!
    2. Organize the paper piles in the office!!
    3. Create one digital scrapbook (preferably Ella’s baby book as she is 6 now!)
    4. Be a GREAT advocate for my children, even when it seems like I am being an obnoxious mother.
    5. Research what I need to do to get my teaching credential.

  6. Thanks for putting the mini triathlon in writing… makes it more real for me! (I assume that was referring to me anyway). I love the goals that everyone has written… here are mine for 2009:
    1. Compete in my first even triathlon
    2. Clean out/organize the office
    3. Clean out/organize the garage (took a big first step with a garage sale last week!)
    4. Spend more time just spending time/playing with my 2 precious girls… vs scheduling activities
    5. Start going to see bands/concerts again with my husband

    Kristin, thanks for holding me accountable to these goals in ’09!

  7. First of all thank you so much for making seeing your goal last year, this website, to fruition. It has been such a wonderful source of information and it gives me such a sense of community with those I relate with most these days, moms.

    I have so many goals this year but here are the top few…
    1. To REALLY spend lots of time with my close friends. I want to make MUCH more of an effort to really listen and be helpful to those I truly care about.

    2. GET SUPER ORGANIZED so that I can spend more time really enjoying my sweetie pie boys each and every day AND so that I can fit all the things I want to do each week in, without running in circles and wasting time. I want to spend even more one on one time with each of my boys doing things each of them love to do!

    3. TRULY be as fit and healthy as possible. I would LOVE to work towards my first Mini Triathlon!

    4. Take my tennis game to the next level!

    5. I want to make this be a break out creative year and get back to all my painting and photography!

    Kristen, thanks for continuing to inspire me each and every day!

  8. I have higher hopes for 2009:
    1. work on the planned painting for the family room and sew the curtains that i’d been planning…
    2. make sure to really listen to my kids when they’re talking to me.
    3. nurture the family as much as they deserve!
    4. stay true to my goals and values and accept the rewards/consequences of holding fast.
    5. work on improving in tennis, not for the wins, but for the joy of it.

    rock on, kristin! i love my monthly installment!

  9. Kristin, Thanks for doing this. I feel like publishing my goals like this will make me work harder to make them happen.
    1. Get more organize so I can spend more time with my family and less time always going through piles of stuff!
    2. Finishing my daughters scrapbook for her first year of life.
    3. Turn my business from a hobby into a profitable business by finally taking the step to create a real e-commerce site.
    4. Slow down and really enjoy my kids while they are still young because before I know it this time will be only a memory.

  10. I was inspired by a Seinfeld episode (where George decided to live his life doing everything the opposite of what he would normally do, resulting in a more relaxed/happier George) while making my goal list for the next six months. I usually plan them for the year and they are always relating to cultural, educational, recreational, social, and spiritual activities, but not this year…
    1. I have cut back my girls’ activities and my sitter’s workdays inorder to spend more playful time together.
    2. To not start one more project until every pile, past to do list, etc. is complete.
    3. To go to bed earlier.
    4. Take babysteps towards recovering from past injuries.
    Good luck to everyone with achieving your goals!

  11. I have put mine on paper already, but will put them here as well so you can bug me if you see I am not staying on track!

    1.)Simplify life. Less scheduled activities, more regular play time. The kids are only young and willing to play with us for such a short time. I am taking a break from charity work this year (Just say no right?), and work more in the kids’ schools.
    2.)Go to bed by 10 PM each day. Sleep is so important for overall health. I know this, but somehow end up going to bed around 11.30 every day.
    3.)Get our family pictures organized and in books.
    4.)Reduce sugar intake
    5.)Really try to focus on how good my life is. It is easy to forget when you have a child up all night or going through a tough stage, but I know it could be so much worse.
    6.)Last but not least……….join my friends on their tennis team!

    So there you have it. Please remind me when you see me eat that donut, or when I try to find a reason not to joing the league.

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