There aren’t words strong enough to describe how I loved this book.

10 CONVERSATIONS YOU NEED TO HAVE WITH YOUR CHILDREN was one of my favorite books ever.  I read it in a day- the book is short and sweet.  The first time I read it, I learned so much about myself.  The second time I read it highlighted passages that I know I will refer back to for years to come.  Now I am reviewing it, looking for important points to pass onto my readers.

I found the prologue to be one of the best parts of the book- it focuses on communicating with your child. The premise of the book is that by talking with your children- really talking with them, you create an environment of inspiration and change.  It forced me to start answering and investigating when my children ask, “why?”.

The 10 chapters are:

Becoming a person, Childhood and Happiness, Knowledge and Inspiration, Bestowing Dignity,Honoring the Feminine, Forgiveness, Family and Tradition, Love, Fear, God

The amazing thing to me is that when we find out we are pregnant, we pick up all of these awesome books about what to expect during pregnancy and delivery. Before I delivered my first child, I read all I could about parenting a newborn.  From the time my second son was born until about a year ago (so let’s call that 4 1/2 years) I neglected to pick up a book about parenting.  Suddenly, I found my boys were fighting more, listening to me less and having a hard time handling any “curveballs” that life would throw at them.   This book (10 Conversations) and one other: “HOW TO TALK SO YOUR KIDS WILL LISTEN AND LISTEN SO YOUR KIDS WILL TALK“(I’ll review this book in January)- completely transformed my parenting style.   In addition, I now have tools to handle most of the challenges I am facing with young children as they mature into young adults.  

I want to thank my friend of 36 years Jeanne Miraglia for introducing me to this book.  Every parent should receive a copy of this book after they give birth to a child.  If you start talking to your kids now and develop a deep spiritual bond, you will have fewer regrets as you see them grow up.  My sister-in-law taught me this.  So read the book.  Let me know what you think.

One thought on “There aren’t words strong enough to describe how I loved this book.

  1. Just bought it online for my Kindle! Can’t wait to dig in – I still have four years, so it can’t hurt! ;)

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