How did I get here? And, where am I going?

For those of you who miss seeing my interviews with amazing moms…I am working on one for this week.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime:

I started thinking about this blog and asking myself, “How did I get here?”  Each day, I seem to find new inspiration for stories and posts and challenges.  I feel fortunate to be able to find the words to inspire or at least entertain my readers.  In one of my very first posts I said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  What was my first step?

It’s difficult to figure out the EXACT first step, but I did some soul searching to figure out what got this ball rolling.

After I had my third child, Cade, I had a difficult time feeling like myself again.  Six months post-partum, I was still struggling to get my body back and find time for simple things like reading a book or the newspaper at a minimum.  Something I used to enjoy before Cade’s arrival was taking a spinning class at my gym.  

I decided to try getting back in the saddle, looking to get a burst of energy and inspiration.  I stopped into a new studio in Manhattan Beach called Space, which is dedicated to Spinning and Yoga and Strength Training.  I took a class and was relieved to know that I still had the “skills”.  I am not too proud to mention that I was unable to do most of the hard climbs and sprints in the beginning- but at least I remembered how to set up the bike and pedal!

I started attending classes regularly, and found that I really connected with those instructors who inspired me, and challenged me to work hard.  After 3 months of classes I was feeling stronger and wanted to push myself a little more outside my comfort zone.   I started thinking, “What would I say if I was the teacher right now?”  ”How would I inspire each rider to reach their fullest potential?”  The answers weren’t that easy to find, but I knew that I would enjoy the challenge of helping others do something that I had found so rewarding.

Four months after my first class I can honestly say, I felt like a changed woman. The physical activity made a big difference in my mental state, my collicky son stopped crying every day and I was starting to get more sleep. I had my first moment of something I would like to do outside of parenting.  Teach Spinning.  I have to admit, I had done it before, but that was 10 years ago (before the ipod and updated bikes).

That afternoon, I put in a call to Lisa Ellerton, owner of Space Studio.  I nervously asked her if she would ever consider letting me teach a class there.  I told her about my past experience- which seemed like a lifetime ago.   I was happy to hear that she was open to the idea.   We met to discuss the details, I signed up for a certification class and was teaching within a month.

If you take a step toward one goal, the floodgate of ideas open up for other opportunities.   It is incredibly empowering to find a passion, pursue it and attain some level of success.  Having children and being out of the work force reduced my confidence in my ability to have any sort of success outside of the home.  After I started teaching Spin, that confidence came back in a small way.  

My biggest challenge was finding words to inspire others.   I tried many different approaches.   Sometimes they worked and sometimes my class would look at me like I was crazy.  Bottom line: I decided that I wanted to start inspiring friends and family outside of my Spin class.

 That is how I got here.  Now, where am I going?  Women between the ages of 25-45 are one of the most influential demographics in the United States.  We influence politics, education, retail and of course,  the men in our lives.  Corporate America wants to reach us to buy their products, Washington DC wants us to vote for their candidates, schools need us to volunteer and our families need us for everything else.  Considering the power that we, as a group, hold: we are pretty amazing support network for one another.   We can support each others goals, achievements and businesses.  That is why I want you to read and support this site- not just for me, but for everyone I feature who is doing something interesting.  

One thought on “How did I get here? And, where am I going?

  1. Kristin,
    I have to tell you as I was reading through this newest update about the fit moms… There is so much that actually goes into the planning of each posting. The execution of the interview or now even attending and filming the work out. Putting music to it/editing. Then writing the inspiration piece/blog. I’m already tired, but inspired by your tireless bliss to inspire other moms, friends and family. You need a big pat on the back and mention of true accomplishment!

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