Committed people rule out excuses!- John Newman


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Yesterday I tried two new things.  I took a F.I.T. class taught by Michele Canon and Sandra Dasaad and I “edited” my first video for the website.   Click the video above to see what this story is all about.  I was extremely excited to take this mom-oriented outdoor fitness class.  I have known Michele and her husband for 10 years now.  I was lucky enough to meet Sandra for the first time last week.  I thought my readers would enjoy hearing the story behind their Team F.I.T. classes because they had to get creative about pursuing their passions and they are a great example of moms who worked their personal goals into a lifestyle that accommodates their responsibilities as parents.

About a year and a half ago Michele and Sandra started Drop Off and Get Fit program at their kids schools.  They encouraged parents to drop their kids at school and forgo a trip to Starbucks in leiu of getting a heart-pumping work out.  

Michele has been involved in fitness and personal training for over 20 years.  When she had her son 3 years ago, her passion for fitness remained strong, but finding the time for a workout was a bit more difficult.  She began attending a boot camp style workout at her local park where she met Sandra, the mother of 4 children ranging in age from 9-21 years.   Sandra surprised me when she told me that her passion for fitness came about a little later in life:  she has the body and passion of a long time athlete. She started with baby steps: classes at the gym, then boot camp in the park, eventually she would fill into for the boot camp teacher when he was out.   She is a an excellent example of the concept that it is NEVER to late to transform your fitness level.

Michele and Sandra created the Drop Off & Get Fit class to fulfill the need of moms (like themselves) who wanted to get a workout in to their day, but spent much of their day in the car dropping off and picking up at different schools.  Their classes catch busy parents as they drop their kids at school and eliminates the extra time gobbled up by driving to the gym, fighting for parking and waiting for equipment.  The Drop Off and Get Fit class offers a full body work out with the beautiful backdrop of trees and mountains in South Pasadena.

What I love about their story is they found support from one another, they were creative in their approach and they truly love what they do.  Each of them teach 6 classes a week that originate at various schools in the area.  Not only are they fulfilling their own fitness and business goals, but they are also helping other moms reach their own goals.  Check out their website.

Even if the logistics of their classes don’t work for you, be inspired by their creativity and commitment.


One thought on “Committed people rule out excuses!- John Newman

  1. Kristin,
    What a great story on these two inspired moms!
    AND they inspired you to try editing your online video! Good job-
    I am sooo proud of you!

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