A few minutes of this, and a few minutes of that.

My days are slipping by and all of the sudden I find myself out of the routine of blogging and getting my baby book project back on track.   I know I am not alone.  All moms are busy regardless of whether they have one child or four (god bless you).   Complaining never helps solve the problem, but I have a trick that helps me get back on track: set a deadline.  

Deadlines create a bit of urgency and help get me motivated when I loose my focus.  One deadline I know we are all familiar with is inviting company over to our house.  Suddenly dishes that have been in the sink for a week get done, mail that has been sitting in a pile gets sorted and shoes that have been in the middle of the room get put away.  Amazing.  Even better, if I get a last minute call from a friend who wants to stop by to borrow something or drop something off I can clean my downstairs in under 10 minutes! 

If there is any possible way for you to give yourself a deadline you should.  Working from the list of goals for 2009 I am going to ask you all for deadlines:  I’m talking to you Angela- get those photo books together or Teresa- how is that paper pile in your office doing?  Jenni- did you ever get through your garage?  What if I told you guys I might stop by in the next month to see how you are doing?  Would that motivate you to get it done?

My deadline is this tuesday.  I have programmers coming by my house to collect all of the pieces of the baby book I am supposed to have completed.  Suddenly, I am able to find the time and motivation to get this done.  Try it.  PS:  I would be really happy to call or come by your house to see if you are embarking on your goals.  Let me know if you want me to. 

PSS I have attached a sneak preview on my baby book site.  It’s just a mock up, but it’s a start. 



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