My Life On Time

As a mom it is critical to be organized.  If you don’t write things down, you are likely to forget something extremely important- like donuts for the kindergarten class on “Dad’s donut day” or your day to drive the carpool to swim lessons.

That’s why we could all use a great calendar or planner to help family life run smoothly and eliminate the likelihood of getting the dreaded call from school that your child is sitting  in the office because you forgot to pick them up!  Laura Marusa, a mom of two kindergarten girls, had a hard time finding the right calendar to fit her needs.  As a result, she dreamed up the perfect calendar then created it using her own computer and design skills.   She named her creation My Life On Time.  

The calendars that Laura creates for her clients are personalized to fit their life and family.  No two calendars are the same.  She will add the names of your spouse and children to the weekly planner so you can keep track of their activities.  Then, she will include any important dates or recurring appointments so you don’t have to add those later.   Finally, she will customize the theme of the pages and even change the colors if you don’t like the choices she has offered.  To top it off, she offers fun additions to your planner, such as pendant watches, coordinating pens, and paper clips.  Check out her  site:

 Two years ago, Laura’s life was quite different from today.  She had one daughter age 4 and was working as an Executive Assistant in Denver, Colorado.  She and her husband decided to adopt a daughter from China.   Around that same time, her husband took a job in Houston, Texas.  As they were beginning the process of moving they were also on the way to China to pick up their 3 1/2 year old daughter.  Given all of the changes in the Marusa household, Laura decided to put her career on hold until her girls were settled in their new lives and new home.  It was during this time that Laura came up with her personalized calendar concept.

Even though Laura was extremely busy with life (common amongst most moms) she slowly began to explore how she could bring her vision to life.  She did most of her research on the internet.  She was able to  find the binders and accessories for her calendars from the comfort of her own home after her girls had gone to sleep.  Once she had most of the pieces in place, she started creating for friends and family- who gave her welcome and honest feedback.  Finally, her husband created a website for her, so she could extend her reach outside her immediate community.

Now that her girls are in Kindergarten, Laura is able to dedicate blocks of time to her business.  She uses her calendar to block out time for volunteering at school, time for her business and time for herself.  The most important ideas from my interview with Laura:

There is always time to pursue your dreams- it might be late at night or early in the morning, but if you REALLY want to do it you can.

Be motivated by the product you create, feedback you receive and the satisfaction of seeing your vision to reality.  The profit you receive will come as a result of these factors. 

Be willing to make changes to your plan and/or product as you begin your journey.  Your idea may not be a new product or ideaset yourself apart by offering a fresh and creative approach that inspire your clients!

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