What can you cross off your list?

Today I get to cross a BIG project off my list of “Things to do”.  I completed all of the writing and content for the baby book I am going to launch called: My Own Little Story.  I composed 30 emails that will be sent out every couple of weeks to mom’s who sign up to build a baby book at my site.  This is the project that I refrenced in an earlier blog where I said that I had to set aside 6-8 hours a week to work on this project.  Well, thanks to the rain which forced me to stay in over the last couple days, I was able to finish the project this morning.

I feel like I just finished final exams for my junior year in college.  Once I launch my baby book, I will probably feel similar to how I felt when I graduated college- such a sense of accomplishment. 

In past posts, I stressed the importance of not just setting goals and but writing them down and sharing them with others.  Now,  I want to encourage you to break those ultimate goals into smaller projects that you can complete in a shorter horizon. Each time you complete something from your list, take a minute to celebrate.

This process can be applied to any goal, for example:  eating/cooking more healthy food.  Start by focusing on one meal.  Skim through cookbooks, internet recipes or magazines to find healthy meals.  Put together a menu for the week.  That is an accomplishment right there.  If you are able to improve the number of healthy meals you cook and serve by just one or two meals per week, that is another accomplishment.

Another goal that many of you listed/shared on your posts: organizing a pile of paper or office or garage. First thing you need to do is establish a deadline; then, start small.  Begin by doing a quick once over and throw away anything you don’t need.  That’s an accomplisment.  Now, you can start with one area you want to organize (a shelf, a drawer).  When you are done- take a break, have a glass of wine (or a bottle) and congratulate yourself for getting closer to your ultimate goal.

This rationale works with any goal.  If you don’t agree, comment below and I will try to help you work out some steps to reaching whatever goal your striving toward.

My next goal is to create a prototype of a completed baby book.  I hope to have that done by the middle of March.  I will post a picture of the book so you all can check it out.  Let’s keep each other motivated.

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