Update on readers goals for 2009

As promised I have been doing status checks on some of you who posted goals for 2009.  We’re only 1/4 of the way into 2009 and here is what you all have accomplished already and you still have 9 months more to go:

Jenni Tucker completed her first mini triathlon.  While she wasn’t going for time, she completed it in less time than she thought.  Great job Jen.

Lisa Woomer finally sent the children’s book she wrote to a few publishers.  One of the publishers liked the story and she is now in the revision stage before printing/publishing.  I will let you all know when it is available.

Devon Galusha is close to completing an illustration project she has been working on.  This is the first time she picked up a brush since the birth of her children….and the results are amazing.

Wendy Warren also got back in the swing of drawing/painting.  She gave me a sneak peak of what she is working on and I can’t get it out of my mind (because it is so great).   I am shocked that she kept this talent secret for so long!

Nicole Tangen had managed to slow down a bit this year and she is committed to rehabbing and old injury. She has been more selective in what she takes on so that she can focus on quality of her accomplishments vs. quantity.

Stephanie Buckley launched her new business, “Buckley School of Etiquette” you can see my interview with her in a couple of weeks.  Check out her website:  www.buckleyschoolofetiquette.com

A few goals that are hard to measure but many of you wrote down:  

Simplifying life.

Spending more time with your kids.

Hopefully, you are finding ways to reach these goals too.  If you haven’t heard from me- you will.  I started at the top of the list and I’m working my way down.  Keep up the motivation!

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