Mother’s Day 2009

Photo 30I am sitting in the same chair I sat in one year ago when I wrote my very first “blog”.   I am amazed at what I have learned in the course of the year.  I have learned about courage and kindness from the women I have featured.  Talking to others has caused me to examine my own strengths and weakness too.   I am thankful for my readers who keep me going through their kind words.  I hope I can put together another year of interesting articles!

This has been an emotional (both happy and sad) week for several reasons:  I started a new birth control pill, which has made me slightly crazy.  Space Studio, where I have taught spin class for 2 years is closing (last classes were today). My first grade son performed in a class play at school.  And, most importantly, today is Mother’s Day.

I am anxious to hear how all of you spent your day- I imagine it will be a topic of conversation for the next few days as we all run into one another at school drop-off etc.  For me, today wasn’t much different from most the days of my year.  But, I say that in a positive way because I really enjoy most the days of the year!  If you all are reading and rolling your eyes at me- just give me a minute to explain:

I was recently sitting on the couch eating bon-bons and watching Oprah- just kidding, but I do Tivo Oprah and I was especially interested to see an episode that focused on things that mom’s never tell one another- sort of like the unspoken code.  With great anticipation, I hopped into to bed that night and tuned into the show (my husband was pretty bummed because he wanted to watch basketball or something).  Anyway, I hear all of these moms presenting motherhood in a way that sort of turned me off.  It was funny, but at the same time sad to hear what they were saying.  One mom talked about being “tethered” to another being for the rest of her life.  Another mom shared how she lived just to make it through the day.  It’s not that we all don’t have bad days; but, I believe that your experience as a parent can be fun or miserable depending on YOUR attitude.

When I had my second son, my darling sister, mother of 3 sons, and one daughter gave me a perspective on parenting that has changed the way I parent.  When her boys were waking up in the middle of the night as babies…instead of complaining about it, she found joy in the quiet one on one time she got with them.   As she laid down with them each night to sing them to sleep, instead of viewing it as a chore, she kept in mind that the days of cuddling them her arms would quickly be gone.  In essence, she reminded to find pleasure in almost every aspect of parenting.

It’s not always an easy task, but I have to say, when I adjusted my attitude, my job as a mom got ten times easier.  Now, when I pack a lunch each day- I take pleasure in knowing that I am providing a healthy meal.  At bedtime, I enjoy laying with the kids and talking about the day hoping that this might continue as they grow older.  In the morning, we start with cuddling and some great tunes.  Just like my previous blog said- I am far from perfect and sometimes my attitude just sucks.   But embracing motherhood with a positive attitude really lets your children know how valuable they are vs. having them feel like the are a dreaded chore to you.

This morning was pretty much like any other day- but I love that.  I don’t need a bunch of flowers and a fattening breakfast to know I am loved and appreciated.  The homemade cards and gifts from school were such a nice treat.  My husband took the boys for an hour so I could sit here and type up my message- that is another great gift.  But, I hear everyone downstairs laughing and playing and I think I will go join them!  Happy Mother’s Day.  Each and everyone of you is special and amazing.  Enjoy your family.


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2009

  1. Kristin,
    I only just found this blog! Sad to say because I would have really enjoyed reading through it on Mother’s Day! Nonetheless I wanted to let you know that not only are you a wonderful mom and reflective ,epiphanous person you are truly a wonderful example of inspiration to me!

    As I have mentioned before the thought process/preparation that goes into posting one blog for all of us women to read, and walk away with new ways to be reflective and find meaning in the life we lead not only as mothers, but as friends, sisters, wifes, and daughters and co-workers is truly amazing! Your thoughts.. are words of wisdom and guidance that leave me with a desire to inspire everyone I come in contact with sometimes by just giving a smile to someone who needs one! Thank you for your generous contribution to the wonderful role of mothering our future generation!
    I Love You

  2. Kristen,
    Thank you for the beautiful Mother’s Day blog. For some reason, I just found it now. I wholeheartedly agree that we should embrace every moment with our children- even the tough ones. I always try to handle the challenging moments by reminding myself that every emotion that my child is feeling is real and important. It teaches me emotional intelligence, patience and enables me to connect with him through empathy. Since we never stop being mothers- we should celebrate our role everyday.

    I love your blog. Keep inspiring us!



  3. kristin,
    your words as always are inspiring. i loved reading your blog as i sit here in my pj’s w coffee. it makes me think of all my friends on the east coast who look forward to sending their kids away to “sleep away” camp for 7 weeks in the summer. i know all the plus benefits of sleep away-independency, sportsmanship and lifelong friendships. i can only think to myself that these tender moments with our children will “quickly be gone.” i am holding on and embracing motherhood everyday. what will i do when i no longer hear their little giggling and bickering in the other rooms?

    i think they will be just fine with us for 7 weeks, we will give them their independency, encourage sportsmanship and trust that they will continue to develop their lifelong friendships at home. we all have been given the wonderful gift of “motherhood.” keep inspiring and showing us the way girlfriend.

    p.s. i can’t help but laugh at myself because i would be happy with the homemade cards (i save them in my special box) and flowers, but if it stopped there i would be sad….motherhood deserves gifts, BIG gifts. lol

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