It’s the journey- not the results!!!!

I love when I hear about readers pursuing their various goals.  As a follow up to my admiration for setting a goal and pursuing it- I feel compelled to write the following statement…You should be proud of yourself for pursuing your goals, no matter what the results are.

I have four good friends who are training for an olympic distance triathlon in the early fall.  A one-mile swim (in the ocean no less), a 25-mile bike and a six-mile run.  I am so proud of them for training- they all got in the ocean last week and struggled through a 1/2 mile swim…but they did it! Now they are getting back in the water every other Sunday to prepare themselves for the full mile in the ocean.  Will they all finish? Probably, but if they don’t there is no reason to be ashamed- I don’t know too many other mom’s with young kids who signed up for the event.

I know one mom who signed up to swim pier to pier in a month and a half.  After swimming miles in the pool she got in the ocean and is starting to have second thoughts about whether she can do the two mile swim in the ocean.  I think she can do it, but I have to congratulate her just for the effort and training she has put forth so far.

Last example is a mom who started her own clothing line in this tough economy.  When I asked to interview her for the The Inspired Mom, she said “Let’s wait until I get my product in a few more stores”.  But, I think most of us are interested in hearing how she made it this far!

I hope as you are reading this you will start to think about what, if anything, has been holding you back from trying something you have been wanting to do?  If your afraid that your result might be anything less than perfect, you are missing out on what you will learn from the journey.


One thought on “It’s the journey- not the results!!!!

  1. Thanks for ALL of your words of encouragement! YOU have always been a great training buddy for me! I finished my first triathlon and even though I was SCARED I am so proud to have the accomplishment. Now I feel TERRIFIED of the next one BUT I am trying to have a “can do” attitude! Thank you for ALL your support! xoxo

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