Are you up for a thrill? Then, you must read this whole entry.

raftingRecently, I was talking with a friend about how she balances her kids and work.   Somehow our conversation took a turn to who we were before we were “mom” because those were times when guilt was not part of my vocabulary.  I remember the adventuresome, spontaneous, well-rested gal who everyone used to call “K.B.” (short for Kristin Benz).  I have been working to recapture my favorite parts of  K.B.  Not only for my own sake, but also for the sake of my kids and husband.  The picture to the left is a picture of me when I was about 25.  I was rafting on class 4 rapids with a bunch of people a barely knew.  I am the second person back on the right side of the boat.   I want my kids to know the fun adventuresome mom as well as they know the calm, reliable mom.

Just for a laugh, I am completely changing the subject for a second.  I am sitting here trying to write this meaningful blog while my boys were wrestling- one of them was laughing so hard he realeased a small poop in his pants.  No names will be mentioned to protect the perpetraitor, but this is my life now.  Trying to blog about rediscovering my “non-mom” talents and taking a break to wipe a bottom, dispose of underwear and disinfect anything that came into contact with the wayward turd.  I love it!

In order to encourage each one of you to rediscover something wonderful about yourself I am planning river rafting trip for Friday August 7th on the Kern River.  Before you chicken out, take a moment to think about it.  Because most of us are new to thrill seeking, I suggest we ease ourselves into it by starting with class 2 and 3 rapids.  This is approved for kids as young as 8- so the liklihood of you surviving the excitement is 100% certain.  There are at least 10 spots open, so call today to book: 1-800-573-7238.  We will leave friday morning around 9am, arrive at the Kern River (near Mohave) around 11:30, grab lunch then raft from 12:30-3:30.  We will head home afterwards- and hopefully stop for dinner on the way.  We can carpool too.  When you call, ask for J. (a woman) and tell her you want to go on the trip planned by Kristin Coons.  Do it today.  Don’t wait to live your life.

4 thoughts on “Are you up for a thrill? Then, you must read this whole entry.

  1. Hi There! Great entry – and so appropriate following our recent family trip! We – all of us – learned to surf for the first time in our lives – we all did the zipline ( most challenging was 1800 ft. long/250 ft. deep drop – I opted out of that one, but was proud I did the others!) at the top of the volcano – swam in the ocean with rather large waves – which for Kansas folks is out there! At 43, these were all things that scared me – which the photos I will email you will prove – but I DID IT! That was all that mattered – I got up on that surf board the first try – and it wasn’t pretty – but it was amazing! And our kids were with us – watching us – proud that we were getting WAY out of our box! That, I thought, you would be happy to hear. Great job with the 5K – we loved watching the video! You are an amazing person and mom! Love and hugs – bets

  2. When my best friend and I were 10, her mom turned 40 and went on a river rafting trip to Colorado by herself. We thought she was so independent and adventurous, and we still do today! This story reminds me of her, and how important it is to set this example for your kids!

    I’ll be joining you!

  3. hola babe,
    i looove it! right on the button. we just went rafting with jeremy and chloe in colorado on a class 3-4 rapid. this was their 2nd time, a thrill for all. when cade is bigger, zip lining upside down is another great family adventure. i agree with you, i want the kids to know life is a great adventure, so far so good. extreme downhill biking is next. love you!

  4. I am glad to hear from so many of you already. Some of you all have a head start on leading an exciting life! For as different as each of us are….we are so similiar!

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