This is part 1 of a 2 part series.

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I just completed this video of some busy moms who are training for a triathlon in September (part two of this video will be posted after race day).  Let me tell you, just trying to catch up with them to get the footage was grueling.  I chased them by foot and car to get them in action- thankfully, I got enough footage for you all to enjoy.  What I learned is that for every minute that these moms train, they are also thinking of their families and making up the time spent away (just listen to their comments).

I think I learned that if you have the will to follow your dreams, there is always a way to find the time.  By-the-way, my three boys came with me to most of these tapings (except the runs) they knew that this was important for me to capture so the sat in the sand and drove around in the car helping me look for the girls on one of their bike trips.  Having kids shouldn’t be an excuse NOT to follow your dreams, having kids should be the REASON you do it!

5 thoughts on “This is part 1 of a 2 part series.

  1. Way to go ladies! You’re doing a great job and the race will be your reward for all that hard work and commitment – enjoy it! I will be rooting for you. Kristin, what a wonderful video and kind, encouraging friend you are. I applaud all of you. xx.

  2. What an inspiring and touching video. It’s quite a thought about how making time for ourselves can be a positive impression and inspiration for our kids. I often forget about how much I influence my children, both in the way I treat them and how I treat myself. Thank you.

  3. Wow…. what an inspirational video – looking forward to Part 2!!! I applaud all of the women…as they truly help some of us raise the bar in our own lives. Thanks to you again, Kristin, for the encouragement and inspiration we all want and need through your site. Keep it coming! xoxo Jules

  4. Awesome!!!!
    Loved every minute of the video. What an inspiration!
    So true, about being who you want your kids to become!

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