Why is the milk sitting out on the counter?

imagesThe other day my husband (trying to be helpful) called upstairs to me, “Why is the milk sitting out on the counter?”  Pause.  “Um, I can’t remember”, I say, “but could you just put it back in the fridge”.  Later, as we were going to bed, I explained, “I remember why I left the milk out.”  Pause….he didn’t ask why, but I told him anyway, and here is the story as I remember it:

Will asked me for a bowl of cereal as a snack.  I pulled the milk out of the fridge, then heard a cry of frustration from the upstairs bathroom.  I ran upstairs to find my youngest, Cade, struggling to get his pants off to use the toilet (he had to do more than pee).  I got him stiuated then noticed the hand towel in that bathroom was grimy and dirty, so I took it to the laundry room to throw it in the hamper.  Upon entry into the laundry room, I realize the load in the dryer needed to be folded.  I pulled the clothes out while they were still warm, just to lay the clothes flat so they wouldn’t wrinkle.  Now I have laundry all over my bed and my son calls me from the bathroom for a wipe.  We wipe, wash hands and shoot, there is no hand towel, so I return to linen closet to get a hand towel and every single towel falls out on my head.  I dry, replace the towel in the boys bathroom and return to the linen closet to refold those towels.  Evan calls me, his computer won’t turn on.  I climb under his desk to make sure everything is plugged in, then I test the socket to make sure that there isn’t a short…turns out the monitor is turned off- yeah it’s fixed!

Will calls me from downstairs, “Mom can I have a bar?”  “Sure” I yell back, still unphased that I pulled the milk out (that was ages ago).  Back to the laundry, finish folding, throw clothes from washer to dryer, start one more load.  Put clothes away- partially, I hate this job and am easily distracted.  Cade calls me for help in putting a Lego Star Wars ship back together- I spend 20 minutes and never really figure it out.  That is when I hear the question about the milk.   I think this is a pretty great explanation of why I left the milk on the counter.  Don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Why is the milk sitting out on the counter?

  1. Did you plant a “nanny cam” in my house? I am sending this off to my husband. The real question is, did BC put the milk back in the fridge?

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