Following dreams- it’s hard work!

helpinghandsSee this picture?  Yesterday, my kids helped me out by putting together marketing materials for my business:   Sometimes I wonder if I am pretending to be teaching them something so that I can selfishly get my work done without having to break up a fight!  Call it what you want, I will call it a good lesson in launching a business.

Thus far I have spent countless hours designing, printing, and cutting marketing materials.  I don’t have the money or the time to hire someone to do this.   Every step of the way, my kids have been helping me.  They pull stuff off the printer, stack pages in order, punch holes and help me clean up the paper scraps.  They see how hard I am working to spread the word on my business.  Today I sat at the Manhattan Beach Farmer’s Market handing out fliers and promotional materials.  I was there for 6 hours and 15 minutes.  One of my sweet friends stopped by to ask,” Have you made any money yet?”  The answer: “No, but I am not deterred”.  People have bought gift vouchers, but considering I paid my babysitter $100 bucks and $25 to the Farmer’s Market for my booth, and $50 for ink and paper to print all this stuff- I haven’t made any profit…yet.

In order for me to just break even for all I have spent- I need to sell 1,000 books.  Yep, you read right: ONE THOUSAND books.  Some of you might think I should throw in the towel right now.  But dreams are priceless and so is the lesson I am teaching my kids!

3 thoughts on “Following dreams- it’s hard work!

  1. Just stopped by to tell you that by you following your big dreams Kristin, you’ve led me to follow my little ones. I’ve always wanted to write a story TO Maddie and Brendan and slowly (but surely) by creating ‘myownlittlestories’ for each of them about phases of their childhood lives, past and present, I have been.

    Writing and creating and posting photos in their own books through your site has allowed me to speak to them about things that occurred during preschool, kindergarten, summer, etc..(literally, I have a book for each titled “Preschool Years” and one for Maddie and soon-to-be for Brendan titled “Kindergarten” and so forth…. They’re almost like my facebook albums but the real deal in a beautifully displayed and put together album that I can physically keep and gift to them when they are parents themselves. It’s been really fun and worthwhile and very gratifying as a mother to set some time out each month and simply write about my kids…..and their own little stories. Just wanted to say Thanks for that Kristin!

  2. I am so glad that you are writing down these memories for your kids. I know they will appreciate it down the line. I know It makes me a better mom to write and reflect the stories of my children’s lives. Down the line, will have questions and stories for older kids.

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