Rework-Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

62531032The other day I stopped in to see my web designer- Arny Pollack from Dice Media.  I needed to meet with him because he is always a wealth of amazing ideas and he gets me thinking out of the box.  About half way through the meeting, Arny asked if I had read the book “Rework”.  The title itself doesn’t give many clues as to what the book is about, but of course I hadn’t read it.  Arny gives me this surprised look.  Who knows why, I mean, in my free time I am over here reading “chic lit”- something that touches the emotional side of me for goodness sake!  But I took his advice and picked up this book.  I cracked it open late afternoon and couldn’t put it down.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has ever thought of starting a business or had an idea/concept for a business or someone who learning and exploring the “unconventional” way to get things done!

Some of the topics include:  ignore the real world, learning from mistakes is overrated, planning is guessing, why grow? good enough is fine, long lists don’t get done.

Here are some quick nuggets that I loved, if you are hungry for more, you will have to buy the book:

  • No time is no excuse- Instead of watching TV or surfing the net you should spend an hour or two working on your idea.  They discourage all nighters and sixteen hour days.  If you just carve out a couple of hours a day, you would be surprised what you can accomplish.  When you want something bad enough you make time-regardless of other obligations.
  • Ignore the details early on- An architect doesn’t worry about what tile will go in the bathroom when he is drawing out his plans. If you have an idea, focus on the basics first.  Besides, you often can’t recognize the most important details until after you start building.
  • An overnight sensation is a MYTH- When you hear of overnight success stories you are not getting the full story.  Dig a little deeper and you usually find people who have busted their buns for years to get into a position where things could take off.  Trade the dream of overnight success for slow measured growth.

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