Yes, I scrub toilets!

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The other day I was feeling sorry for myself (although the video posted is me being silly): the house was such a disaster and I didn’t know where to start  my cleaning.   I decided to take a front to back approach.  Starting at the front door, I began picking up and wiping down everything that was out of place.  When I made my way to the guest bathroom I caught my breath.  Dirty hand towel (something I despise- I  must admit I will even dry my hands on my shirt if I am a guest at someone’s house and see a hand towel that looks dirty).  This time I was the perpetrator with the disgusting towel.  Easy to fix.  As my eyes fell upon the toilet I was appalled to see dry yellow spots on the seat AND underneath the seat.  When my boys were first potty trained, I had them following strict regimen of lifting the seat, then aiming carefully and using toilet paper to clean up any stray drops.  My own mom once commented on how fastidious they were in the bathroom (ahhh, pat on the back).   At some point my boys wised up.  They realized that there was no way for me to police their carefulness in the bathroom and they started peeing with the seat down and leaving drips for me, the only seated urinator in the house,  to  sit on.

Now, multiply those drips by three, maybe four (my husband) and you can imagine what I saw in the bathroom that day.  As quick as you can say “scrubbing bubbles”, I double-gloved myself and doused the toilet with a bleach bowl cleaner.   I am not insinuating that this is the first time I have scrubbed a toilet- oh contrare.  But, this was the first time I was scrubbing and feeling sorry for myself.  You see, it seems to me that I am the only one I know who scrubs my own toilets on a regular basis.   Maybe it’s just because everyone I know wouldn’t admit that they can and HAVE scrubbed their own toilet.  So, here I am, getting down on my knees to wipe down the stool part (is that what you call the part down low that holds the seat?) and finding all sorts of mess and embarassment that has gone unnoticed for weeks.  What the heck are my boys doing?  That’s right, I remember the word “sword fight” and laughter coming from the bathroom last week.

Upon completion I had a realization.  Scrubbing toilets means that I have what it takes to get things done- no matter how daunting or dirty the job might be.   You see, there are goals on my list that require I whole lot of boring and tedious work to get the really fun part.  I have been putting off some of those more tedious tasks and wondering why I haven’t quite reached my goal. After I finished cleaning the toilets (had to just knock them all down) and washing my hands twice, I sat at my computer and worked on a few things that had been haunting me for weeks.   No more procrastinating on the “toilets” in my life.  My advice to those of you who have been putting off something that you need to do is to look at this picture of me scrubbing my toilet and be inspired to just get it done.  Happy Holidays, and please feel free to stop by and use my restroom.

5 thoughts on “Yes, I scrub toilets!

  1. This is great Kris! ;))). I can so relate! I was having a similar moment yesterday,.. Thinking of the huge messes my older sons and their friends make, and for one second I thought “Is THIS what I was put here to do?”. Then the answer came to me… Yes! I am able to do it, and happily! My days are numbered that I will have this privilege, as K&J will be headed into the world in a couple of years. It occurred to me how strange that will feel, and a little bit sad. So, I decided to be happy with whatever mess they leave behind these days, and relish this time with them. It all goes so fast…

  2. you mentioned “unnoticed for weeks” which makes it sound as though you do not have a cleaning lady-hahahhaha
    great story, love the sword fights! i can only imagine stuart and jeremy having a great time.

  3. You are too funny! Every time I read your blog it puts a smile on my face. I love your words of wisdom and your kooky little antics. Keep it up Kristin. XO

  4. great article,,,, bless you for this,,, i so relate, and enjoy the humor in it all,
    many blessings tiare

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