Monday Motivation- Feb. Part 2

The theme for Monday Motivation in February is “Finding Your Passion”

I am passionate about MANY things: fitness, education and inspiring others are just a few.  There is no rule that says that you have to be 100% passionate about one single thing in life.   I turned my passion of writing and retelling the stories of others into my business:  Even though my business focuses on parents telling the stories of their children, I was able to cultivate my passion into an actual business.  Also, my passion for fitness led me to become a certified indoor cycling instructor.

What do you enjoy doing that you already do every day? Your passion doesn’t have to turn into a business- it just has to feed your spirit and ignite a little purpose in your life.  I have been a huge supporter of all things TED. is an amazing resource for inspiration and perhaps even helping you get motivated.  Check out some of the videos- they are all pretty brief and the thing I love is that most of the people aren’t famous…they’re just people like you and me who found their passion.

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