Monday Motivation- Feb. Week 3

Happy Presidents Day!  The theme for Monday Motivation in February is “Finding Your Passion”

“Courage is not the lack of fear.  It is acting in spite of it.”- Mark Twain

Sometimes fear will get in the way of finding/pursuing your passion.  I often have terrible bouts of fear.  Fear of what others think of me.  Fear that I will fail at what I am trying to do.  Fear that I will forget what to do.  Fear I won’t know how to do it.  If you are having doubts or fear, here are some tricks  to overcome it:

1) Educate yourself- knowledge is power and with technology, it is readily available.

2) Find a supporter-  whether its a friend or your spouse or your parent…chances are you know someone who can support you and talk you through your doubts.

3) Find partner- if you have a friend or acquaintance that shares your passion, join forces.  Two heads are usually better than one and having a partner might give you the confidence to go out on a limb.

4) Find a mentor- I have often reached out to other business owners and entrepreneurs to ask for advice or guidance.  I usually get more help than I asked for (thank you so much) and I find confidence and courage in their words.


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