She lives in you. She lives in me.

evanandmomA new year begins and I have been thinking about the next few interviews I will be doing for TheInspiredMom.   If you have been reading my blog over the last two years you have read the stories of some pretty inspiring women.  In addition, each one of you reading probably has an individual in mind who inspires you on a more personal level.  And I couldn’t help but think, if I interviewed each and every one of my readers I am sure I would find a story of inspiration.  Hence the title: She lives in you.  She lives in me; but, I didn’t just come up with these words on my own, let me back up for second…. Continue reading

Mama Gourd

gourdosAny of you readers have your own gourd garden?  If you did, would it even cross your mind that a gourd could become a piece of art?  If you answered NO to both questions, then you are not alone.  That is why I was blown away by Lisa Meehan and her darling gourds that are as detailed and intriguing as a piece of fine art.

I ran into Lisa at a recent Hometown Fair.  I had all three of my boys with me, complaining that I was making them shop before heading over to win $50 bucks worth of junk at the kids booths.  I came upon the Mama Gourd booth and was drawn in…like a moth to a flame (wait isn’t that a janet jackson song?).  The minute I laid my eyes on all of these gourds, I wanted to own every one of them.  It is difficult to explain how special these gourds are: each one with their own personality, carefully hand-crafted, and competing with one another to be the most whimsical.

As I stood there contemplating which gourd to buy, I got to talking to Lisa for a minute.  As my kids touched and tipped every gourd in her booth, I panicked at the thought of one of them becoming dismembered (the gourds that is, not my kids). Continue reading

A real page turner.

pattylindamargotBooks are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.  ~Charles W. Eliot

Last week I visited {pages} a bookstore. It wasn’t my first time in the store; I have been drawn into this bookstore several times since it opened.  Each time I visit I am impressed by the selection of books and the helpful staff.  On this visit, I came to interview the owners.  I was fascinated that three women, all parents of children ranging in age from 10-18, came together to open a neighborhood bookstore: a concept that might seem a bit counterintuitive given the trend of readers purchasing Kindles, iPads and Nooks.  But, these three savvy moms had a vision to offer something more to the neighborhood than any electronic gizmo could possibly offer.   Continue reading

Ironmama- Jen Temperley

60401-317-023fTake a close look at the picture to the left (click the pic to enlarge it).  Do you see the mom pictured there?  That is Jennifer Temperley, mother of two darling kids ages 6 and 3.  Also, did you notice the time on the clock above?  That is the time it took her to swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles and run 13.1 miles.  Even finishing one of these events in 5 hours would be an accomplishment.  But Jen did all three events in 5 hours and 27 minutes (oh yeah, don’t forget the 5 seconds).  She placed 4th in her age group and 20th for women overall.   Best of all this time qualified her for the Half Ironman World Championships and the National Age Group Championships.  Just two weeks later, she placed first in her age group for an olympic distance triathlon- piece of cake after doing a half ironman (I guess).

Jen proves that it is possible to achieve your goals even if you are a busy mom.  Competing in triathlons takes prioritizing and dedication, both of which she has mastered.

When Jen was training, she invited me to ride along for 32 of her 70 miles.  Let me just say something- this girl doesn’t mess around.  You see, I joined her on her LAST 32 miles and when I got home, a fell into a heap on the floor.  She probably put on her running shoes and sprinted 10 miles; but, in order to save face, I pretended to be fine and told her to call me anytime she needed company for a ride. Continue reading

She was inspired by you, now you can be inspired by her!

About once a month I find myself asking the same question,  “Why I am blogging and does anyone care?”. Each time I think about how I will find the inspiration to continue updating my website I hear from a reader. About a month ago, my neighbor and I were walking home from dropping our kids at school and she started talking about my site.  She was reading up on the amazing moms who are featured on my site which, got her to thinking about her own dreams and goals.  When she read the article about writing down goals she picked up a pen and paper.

She read about Jania Fox running a half marathon and Beth Armstrong doing the Ironman- but realized as much as she likes fitness- the desire to run anything more than 3 miles wasn’t creating that fire in her belly.  She wasn’t burning to start her own business or create a charitable organization.  Then she remembered a dream that had occupied her in the past but never quite got off the ground.  Lisa had written a children’s book when her daughter Lauren was just over a year old.  She sent it out to a few publishers- but when those publishers passed on the story she let the project die.

Continue reading

Count your blessings.

I often think about how lucky I am to have 3 healthy children. I’m sure many of you reading this right now are nodding your head and counting your blessings too.  At my 20 year high school reunion, I was catching up with a friend who mentioned in conversation, that she has a 5 1/2 year old son who is severely autistic.  I was caught a bit off guard not knowing if I should ask questions or nod in sympathy.  We exchanged phone numbers and I looked forward to talking to her more in-depth once we had a quiet moment.

I want to share Keri’s story because I think we can all find something important from her experience. Continue reading

You never know which decision might change your life forever.

On September 11th, 2001 Denise Berger made a decision that would end up saving her life.   At 8:46 that morning, Denise was working in the South Tower of The World Trade Center on the 103rd floor, when she saw an airplane crash into the North Tower.  At the time, nobody in her building was aware that the collision was a terror attack.  Denise said she saw the plane crash as if it was in slow motion.  Her vantage point was such that she could make out figures sitting in the cockpit.  After the initial impact, she heard several explosions and was fearful that the Tower she was in would catch fire too.  She made a split second decision to get out of the building.  Denise followed her gut and figured she could always go back to her desk later if there was no need to worry.  In addition, Denise was newly pregnant with her second child. Continue reading

My Life On Time

As a mom it is critical to be organized.  If you don’t write things down, you are likely to forget something extremely important- like donuts for the kindergarten class on “Dad’s donut day” or your day to drive the carpool to swim lessons.

That’s why we could all use a great calendar or planner to help family life run smoothly and eliminate the likelihood of getting the dreaded call from school that your child is sitting  in the office because you forgot to pick them up!  Laura Marusa, a mom of two kindergarten girls, had a hard time finding the right calendar to fit her needs.  As a result, she dreamed up the perfect calendar then created it using her own computer and design skills.   She named her creation My Life On Time.   Continue reading

Finding the silver lining.

Imagine getting the news that you have cancer.  Now imagine that this is the second time in your life that you have heard this news.  Is it easier to process the second time?  On the one hand, you have experience and you know what to expect.  On the other hand, your past experience may lead you to fear what is to come.

One of my childhood friends (pictured with me on the left), Bryn Colvin, is fighting cancer for the second time in 20 years. Continue reading

Erin Condren- remember that name.

I have been wanting to write Erin Condren’s story from the day I launched the inspired mom.  She is an incredible role model for mom entrepreneurs.   She was the person who actually got me started dreaming about “possibilities”.  Her success has been an inspiration to me and I hope you find some inspiration too.

Erin’s journey to success was hard fought and included some setbacks that might have have caused many-a- woman to throw in the towel.  The lesson to be learned from Erin is that sometimes disappointment is part of the actual journey on the road to success. Continue reading