Monday Motivation-March week 1

Monday Motivation for March will be about finding the Mindset to reach your goals.

There is no substitute for hard work and action.  When I think about some of the people I admire most, it is those who have worked their tail off to achieve a goal.  All of the successful people I know,  aren’t just lucky…they actively pursued their goals.

Every now and then I hear the media tout an idea or product as an “overnight sensation”.    Usually, people behind the sensation have been working long and hard to suddenly gain the attention that is then deemed to be overnight.    That sends the wrong message to those of us who have been toiling for years to reach our goals.  Suggesting that time and effort are indicative of failure instead of determination.  And, if that were the case, I should have given up on my dreams long ago!

Instead, change the way you view your accomplishments.  Think about your dedication and your journey as part of your progress.  Consider that NOT quitting or giving up on a dream can be part of your success story.

Monday Motivation- February Week 4

I pulled this excerpt from The Huffington Post.  It is by Maureen Anderson who hosts a national radio show called: The Career Clinic.  Click here to access the entire article.IMG_1050

When does persistence become stupidity? That’s what I asked a career consultant when I wondered if a talk show was in my future after all. He answered my question with two of his own. “Do you still want it with all your heart?” But of course. “And do you keep trying new ways to make that dream come true?” Yep. Well, then.

Then what? “Then hang in there.”

I entered the Public Radio Talent Quest in the spring of 2007. I didn’t win. I didn’t even come close. But the experience reminded me how badly I wanted what I wanted.

One day, raw from longing, I asked another colleague what his secret was. He was a social worker turned computer consultant turned motivational speaker and back to computer consultant who had a knack for achieving his dreams. “Write your goal down,” he suggested. “There’s just something about it.”

“Yeah, right,” one voice inside me snickered. “What could it hurt?” another part of me countered. And like a kid who doesn’t believe in Santa anymore but doesn’t want to jinx things either, I committed the following to my computer screen: “A real honest to God national talk show.”

You can guess where this is going. Within weeks I had a meeting with the folks at a brand-new, big station in Fargo — to talk about what would become The Career Clinic radio show.

Hosting that program — which now airs on 89 stations across the country — is like being five years old on Christmas morning every week. It never gets old.

I hope you’ll listen. And if it gives you the encouragement to go after more of your dreams, it will have been a good run.

Monday Motivation- Feb. Week 3

Happy Presidents Day!  The theme for Monday Motivation in February is “Finding Your Passion”

“Courage is not the lack of fear.  It is acting in spite of it.”- Mark Twain

Sometimes fear will get in the way of finding/pursuing your passion.  I often have terrible bouts of fear.  Fear of what others think of me.  Fear that I will fail at what I am trying to do.  Fear that I will forget what to do.  Fear I won’t know how to do it.  If you are having doubts or fear, here are some tricks  to overcome it:

1) Educate yourself- knowledge is power and with technology, it is readily available.

2) Find a supporter-  whether its a friend or your spouse or your parent…chances are you know someone who can support you and talk you through your doubts.

3) Find partner- if you have a friend or acquaintance that shares your passion, join forces.  Two heads are usually better than one and having a partner might give you the confidence to go out on a limb.

4) Find a mentor- I have often reached out to other business owners and entrepreneurs to ask for advice or guidance.  I usually get more help than I asked for (thank you so much) and I find confidence and courage in their words.