No matter how inspired you are, there will be days that your motivation will dwindle.  Here are some simple tips that will keep you moving through your day- and help lift your spirit.    

  • Compliment a friend or coworker.
  • Make a list of priorities and cross off all of the things that don’t have to be completed today.  Chances are, you will find time for them anyway.
  • Think about all the tasks you already completed for the day.  Maybe you made someone in your family breakfast, got kids off to school, threw in a load of laundry.  By focusing on what you have already accomplished you will feel more motivated to finish what is remaining!
  • Call your mom and thank her for all she did for you when you were young.  Or, call a friend and thank them for their friendship and support.  We all need to hear those words as often as possible.
  • Put on some great tunes.  See my music list (which will be updated periodically), or find your own motivating songs.  I listen to music while I do the dishes and pick up the house.  This will keep you moving and focused.
  • Talk to yourself.  Repeat some positive affirmations in your head like: I am strong.  I can do it.  Life is great.  Positive thoughts can change the course of your day.

One thought on “Tips

  1. Wow! When I first met you I thought “what a positive kind hearted person” and your site is definitely an extention of you. Looking at your site this morning gave me the uplift I needed…can’t wait to see more! Jen :o)

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