Goal setting.

Goal setting is an important step in motivating you to turn your ideal into a reality.

  • Write your goal down.  If you have more than one, write them all down.
  • Prioritize your list- this helps you maintain focus on the most important goals.
  • Create a master list of what needs to be done to reach your goal.  You may need to add or cross off items later.
  • From your master list, break down tasks that can be completed in smaller steps.  For example, if you want launch a website you might have smaller tasks like: find a web designer, choosing a look and feel, researching sites of a similar genre.  These are small steps that you can take when you have “unexpected” free time.  These small steps should also be considered as achievements.  Feel recharged as you check each item off your list.
  • Schedule time on your calendar that you can dedicate to working on your goal.  No matter what category your goal falls under (fitness, business relationships), you need to set aside time work on it.
  • Revisit your master list often.  You may need to tweak it a bit as you start moving towards your goal.
  • Remember that the first step is often the hardest.  Generally, when people look back on their lives, they regret the things that they DIDN’T do.    Embrace life today-no sense in waiting until tomorrow!

One thought on “Goal setting.

  1. The only way to live a very successful life is to create goals. It’s preferable to create small goals that in due course lead to bigger goals. Unfortunately goal setting can be very time consuming so many people do not put in the proper effort. Too often we are plagued by distraction, lack of time, or fears. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools anyone can use. When you have implanted an image in your head, it stirs your subconscious to move you towards that direction.`^

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